Why HR Outsourcing?

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why hr outsourcing?Recently, “Improving Company Focus” became the #1 reason for outsourcing HR. As companies in the 21st century have grown, both in size and intelligence, outsourcing HR has become the popular solution to being more competitive and cutting costs. However, the benefit of improving focus and drive outweighs them both as entrepreneurs strive to be profitable. See article on the growth of HR Outsourcing.

Could this be you?
You are busy managing your day-to-day operations, helping close new sales, creating marketing materials, running reports, checking financials and cash flow, and taking care of client complaints. You are not alone and you are not unique. You represent the American small to medium size business owner or manager, and you wear a lot of hats.

Imagine not having to worry about the details of HR tasks like remitting payroll taxes (on time), managing benefits and workers compensation invoices, enduring government audits, calculating payroll checks, printing W-2s, filing I-9s (correctly), answering unemployment inquiries and a host of other employee-related tasks. Imagine accomplishing all this without losing control of your business. See what our HR Outsourcing Services look like!

“Reduce costs and free up time to devote to revenue-generating activities… gaining a competitive advantage.” - SHRM Foundation, Independent Study on HR Outsourcing

CBR’s HR outsourcing services reduce costs and free up time for managers of all types of businesses across the U.S. By outsourcing HR to CBR to handle your payroll and human resources administration, you can leverage the streamlined effeciencies and the buying power of our large organization, creating significant savings in both time and costs.

Gain Control
CBR can develop a customized HR outsourcing package for you based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business. We understand that, although the stresses of a business owner or manager are not unique, the industries and the people themselves certainly are. You deserve a partner that can provide you with the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.

To find out more, CBR has an HR outsourcing consultant available to assess your needs and provide a solution with a variety of Payroll HR outsourcing packages. Call us now to find out more at 888-700-8512, or request a proposal or contact us.

FACT - Since 1980, the number of U.S. employment laws and policies has increased by about 60%.

“…[by outsourcing HR] companies gain the expertise of outside professionals able to perform HR functions better and at reduced cost than they could internally.

Ray Barnham, Outsourcing Essentials