Team building activities and games can improve business

Team building activities & team building games actually build teams

Team building activities and team building games go along way in cementing better relationships among supervisors and their staffs.  Surveys show that 85% of those people leaving jobs do so because of their immediate supervisor.  That is a commonly known statistic.  But, as they say, to know someone is to like someone.

Getting to know someone outide of work is definitely a better way to learn to understand each other without the added pressures and responsibilities of the job.  Team building activities and team building games benefit supervisors, employees, and businesses alike.

For the supervisor, it is a chance to be human after all

Team building activities allow supervisors to slow down a little and get to know his team.  The best activities are the ones that involve everyone, with each other, and are set up to have people freely rotating outside of subsets or cliques.  Even a simple day in the park is a great way to bond.  Many city parks have volleyball, Frisbee, golf, and other activities that allow exercise and free roaming from person to person.

Large group activities and rotating games are best

Activities such as bowling, billiards, field sports, and game pavilions also offer similar socializing as people rotate between groups.  Such activities make it difficult for an employee or supervisor to “hide” from others—everyone gets to talk with everyone.  Combined with a lunch or dinner, or simply just a happy hour, it can make for a memorable day where people take home memories of people they thought they already knew.

Activities with stationary settings do not work as well

On the other hand, having only a dinner or lunch sometimes gets people gathered in threes and fours around the area of the table where they are sitting.  It is even tougher to conduct larger group socializing if the dinner or lunch venue requires separate tables.  Separation makes it especially difficult for a supervisor to move from person to person, which is absolutely essential for the success of the outing.

Employees see new sides to supervisors and others

Employees benefit from socializing with supervisors which often is difficult at work because of the difference in status and duties.  Employees also benefit by getting to know each other better and building new friendships as they trade stories, backgrounds and subjects other than work.  The big benefit, though, is the ability to smile at each other at work and remember fun and interesting incidences and anecdotes about one another rooted in the activities of the team building day.

Sociability and mutual respect benefit the business

For the business to truly gain the desired benefit, some ground rules must be applied.  Team building activities cannot be optional; everyone must participate.  The ones who can benefit the most are the ones who often try to push something else to do on their agenda because “they just don’t have time.”  That cannot be acceptable.  Businesses must have everyone understand that it is a work-related activity and all are expected to participate.  Employees may not like that at first, but once established, it is an acceptable ground rule.

Leisure activities enhance professional interpersonal relationships

Businesses also benefit because relationships between supervisors and staff, as well as employee to employee relationships, improve in almost all cases.  That means more happy and content employees on the job the next day and each day thereafter.  That is a base ingredient in efficiency and efficiency is a base ingredient of profits and success.

Recommend activities

Suggest things the team must do that depends on each other or can competes with one another

  • Team success activities (i.e. constructing, solving something)
  • Field sports with a leveling aspect (i.e. bare-handed softball, sand volleyball)
  • Leisure sports where no expertise is involved (i.e. Frisbee golf, croquet)
  • Leisure gaming activities (i.e. electronic gaming pavilions)

Avoid small grouping activities (i.e. dinner or happy hour only, card games)

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Team Building Activities

Team building activities and team building games bring stronger relationships between supervisors, staff members, and also benefit the productivity and moral of a business.   It is difficult to learn about someone and understand them as a person during the rush of the work day.  Working together and playing together makes a strong combination that forges stronger working relationships.  The many human resource counselors at CBR can help you with your ideas.