HR Outsourcing Case Study 2017-08-24T23:46:16+00:00

Company hires PEO service firm, overcomes fear of employee leasing and reaps other benefits.

My husband and I have owned our own printing business for 14 years.  We had no reason to believe we needed a PEO service firm or other HR assistance as things were progressing fine and we were making a good living. As owners, we handled employee issues, and we outsourced our payroll services to a trusted source, so we had it covered. In fact, the thought of leasing employees was scary at first because of our fear of losing control of what we had worked so hard for. We had looked at employee leasing, but always stayed with our internal structure because it seemed to be working.

When our healthcare renewal came in at 30%, again, we were open to researching our employee benefits options one more time. Sure enough, when moving to a PEO, we saved significant premium dollars on our healthcare program, and we were able to offer a choice of employee benefits to our employees for the first time. You see, with 25 employees, most healthcare carriers won’t offer much of a choice. It’s one plan for everyone, and that’s just how it works.

Although significant, the savings on healthcare was not our only reason for going with a PEO. We were compelled by the fact that we had another partner on our side assisting with HR services such as employee-related issues. Government Compliance, Safety and a Handbook were things we had addressed, but as small business owners, we are too busy with our core business to effectively deal with these important employee issues. I like knowing there is another expert behind me, handling the areas I am not accomplished in.

As our company has grown, the employee issues have grown, so the local presence of our partner, CBR, a PEO service firm, is a big plus for us. We have quick access to a human being for important last minute items, either for us or for our employees.

Having the whole HR process outsourced has given me peace of mind that the details are handled. I have one contact for my employee-related issues, and I can focus on what I need to do for my business. I am more than pleased with my decision to move to a PEO service. Printing is what we do, employment is what CBR does for us.

Lorrie, Phoenix Printer