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Expanding Labor and Employment Laws

In recent years, cities and states across the country have been enacting laws designed to improve fairness in the workplace. Although these laws have been effective at bolstering the rights of employees, they also impose new costs and onerous administrative burdens on employers. As new laws and regulations are put into place, it is becoming [...]

How to Create A Crisis Management & Response Plan

Creating a crisis management response plan is something most organizations don’t want to think about. Numerous studies also confirm that only about half of all organizations have any kind of crisis plan in place. Make sure your company is prepared. If your company is one of the 51 percent of organizations that admits to not [...]

The Top 5 HR Issues Facing Businesses in the Accounting Industry

Businesses in any industry contend with their own unique HR challenges, from managing talent to complying with labor and employment laws to navigating generational shifts in the workforce. CPA firms and other businesses in the accounting industry must cope with these issues while also staying on top of an ever-changing tax code and financial regulations. [...]

Surprising Facts & What You Need to Know: Labor Law Posting Regulations

Posting compliance gets more complicated every year. This article will shed light on the common mistakes and misunderstandings with Labor Law Posting Regulations, so you’ll know exactly what it takes to be in complete compliance. Before we get into the top compliance facts, let’s review the basics. As you may already know, all employers must [...]

Are Accountants Entitled to Overtime Pay? Here’s What Firms Should Know

For CPAs and other professionals in the accounting industry, working long hours is common—particularly during tax season. As their average work weeks exceed 40 hours, some accounting firm employees have wondered whether they are entitled to overtime pay. This question hinges on whether they are classified as exempt or nonexempt employees under the federal Fair [...]

Looming teacher walkout prompts businesses to prepare for employee accommodations

PHOENIX — Claiming overwhelming support, leaders of the #RedForEd movement called last Thursday night for a strike to start this Thursday, April 26th. Additional States affected by teacher walkouts include: Teachers and support staff will remain on the job through Wednesday, said Noah Karvelis, who helped establish Arizona Educators United, another group behind #RedForEd. "We [...]

New Jersey May Become the 10th State to Mandate Paid Sick Leave—Will Your State Be Next?

In recent years, several states have joined a rapidly growing trend of enacting laws that require private sector employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees. With a bill approved by the New Jersey Assembly on March 26, 2018, it appears likely that New Jersey will become the tenth state to join this movement. [...]

CPA Firms—Have You Audited Your HR Practices?

Have You Audited Your HR Practices? For CPA firms and other businesses in the accounting industry, the stress of delivering optimal results for clients in light of a complex, ever-changing tax code can detract from effective workforce management and compliance with employment laws. However, it is crucial for employers in any industry to periodically review [...]

[Infographic] The Importance of Employee Recognition for Business Performance

Did you know that organizations with formal recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don't have any program at all? And they're 12X more likely to have strong business outcomes. Do you know what motivates employees, the benefits (and costs) of employee recognition, and how to effectively approach it in your organization? [...]

7 Ways Managers Can Build Trust In The Workplace

How many people trust their managers? A recent study by Edelman found that one in three employees don’t trust their employer. Another study by EY found that number to be even lower, with only 46% having trust in their organization, and 49% in their boss/team. Trust is one of the most important things you need [...]